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Paige Abrams American Christian Academy, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Class of 2018. Instrument: Flute, Director: Heather M. Henson. Paige Abrams is the recipient of the John Philip Sousa Award at American Christian Academy as a sophomore. This is only the fourth year for the award to be presented in our young program. Paige has been selected to the Alabama All-State Red Band so far in her freshman, sophomore, and junior years and was also an All-State member in middle school. Paige has served as the band librarian and flute section leader for four years.

David Anderson Dayton High School, Dayton, Nevada. Class of 2017. Instrument: Percussion, Director: Joshua Strickland. David has always striven to perfect his craft. He helps other students better themselves with his enthusiasm and love for high school music. He goes above and beyond without being asked and has been a very valuable asset to the music program at Dayton High School since his first day.

Ashley Bailey Archbishop Hannan High School, Covington, LA. Class of 2017. Instrument: Euphonium, Director: Thomas Braud.

Arista Jean Barnoff Marion Center Jr.-Sr. High School, Marion Center, PA. Class of 2017. Instrument: Tenor Sax, Director: Mrs. Kasandra Buente. Arista is a well-rounded student in arts and academics. She has been one of our Drum Majors for the past two years. She has attended a multitude of festivals at all levels from County to State Band. She was selected to perform this year in the All-Eastern Honors Band being held on April 5-8 , 2017 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Arista plans to major in music and attend Messiah college in Pennsylvania.

Kaylee Campbell Lovelady High School, Lovelady, TX. Class of 2017. Instrument: Alto Saxophone, Director: Steve Ferguson.

Rachel Carlisle Lamar Christian School, Purvis, MS. Class of 2017. Instrument: Flute, Director: Amanda Sumrall.

Lawrence Chino Laguna Acoma Jr/Sr High School, Casa Blanca, NM. Class of 2017. Instrument: Euphonium and Guitar, Director: Laura Arrasmith. Lawrence is an amazing music student. He has really shone in multiple areas. He made All-State Guitar, composed a piece, and took over teaching the beginning guitar class this year. He is going on to major in music education and will one day make an amazing music teacher!

Jeong Doo Cho Jakarta Intercultural School , Jakarta, Indonesia , Indonesia. Class of 2017. Instrument: Tenor Saxophone , Director: Mr. Russell Wiemers . Has played as an IASAS Band Delegate for the past two years on Tenor Saxophone. Has played in the school's auditioned band group titled the Wind Ensemble.

Tatyana Cummings Robert W. Groves High School, Garden City, GA. Class of 2017. Instrument: Clarinet, Director: Kevin Blackmon. Tatyana Cummings is an awesome student, musician, and a very well rounded individual. Tatyana is very mature and serves as a student director for the GHS Concert Band. She excels academically and musically. I highly recommend this very delightful young lady as a recipient for The John Phillip Sousa Award for 2017.

Treila Curtis McEwen High School, McEwen, Tennessee. Class of 2017. Instrument: Percussion, Director: Emily Murphy. Treila has been involved in the MHS Band since 6th grade. Treila has served as Percussion Section leader, participated in numerous Honor Bands throughout Middle TN, and has been an important part of the band program's growth over the past four years.

Isabelle Edwards Prince Edward County High School, Farmville, Virginia. Class of 2017. Instrument: F Horn, Director: Seth Taft.

Samantha "Pamfila" Garcia Santa Teresa High School , Santa Teresa , New Mexico. Class of 2017. Instrument: Flute , Director: Daniel Lozano. Samantha is a great example for the entire Music Program. Samantha was dedicated throughout her High School Career and a fantastic role model for her Freshman sister. Can't wait to hear of her success after High School.

Vincent Geurin Mariposa High School Grizzly Band, Mariposa, CA. Class of 2017. Instrument: french horn, Director: Gail Vanderslik.

Jared Grimes Edmonson County High School, Brownsville, KY. Class of 2017. Instrument: Alto Sax/Bari Sax, Director: John Woods.

Cristian Gutierrez Alief Hastings High School, Houston, Texas. Class of 2017. Instrument: Tuba, Director: Paul Brodt. Cristian Gutierrez is a 2 time Texas All-State Band Member and a 5 time Region Honor Band Member.

Natasha Zocim Hall Northland Preparatory Academy, Flagstaff, Arizona. Class of 2017. Instrument: Oboe, Director: Sonja London-Hall. This student has been principal oboe in the NW Regional Honor groups four consecutive years. She is an outstanding oboist, helper, and example for other musicians.

Evan Hughes Central Catholic High School, San Antonio , Tx. Class of 2017. Instrument: Clarinet , Director: Kirstin Garrison.

Tucker Johnson Carlyle High School, Carlyle, Illinois. Class of 2017. Instrument: Euphonium, Director: Jamie Zettler.

Parker Landon Burns High School, Burns, Oregon. Class of 2018. Instrument: Percussion, Director: Heather Appelhof.

Jorge Magallon Mariposa High School Grizlly Band, Mariposa, CA. Class of 2017. Instrument: percussionist, Director: Gail Vanderslik.

Dakota Trent McCash Joplin High School, Joplin, MO. Class of 2017. Instrument: Clarinet, Director: Dakota McCash.

Abby McDow Oxford High School, Oxford, AL. Class of 2017. Instrument: Euphonium, Director: Mr. David McDaniel. Abigail McDow has been a 5 year Alabama All-State student (Jr. High-1, White Band-1, Red Band-3). Abby is the 2017 Oxford High School Valedictorian, a member of the 2016 Drum Corps International Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps and a member of the 2016 United States Army All-American Marching Band.

Cassandra Meredith Collierville High School, Collierville, Tennessee. Class of 2017. Instrument: Trombone, Director: Sherry Fuller. National Merit Semifinalist; Band President; 1st Chair Wind Ensemble; Trombone Section Leader; All-West participant; Tri-M member; All-State Choir and so much more.

Spencer Moffat Vernon Hills High School, Vernon Hills, IL. Class of 2017. Instrument: Trumpet, Director: Randy Sundell.

John Owens Webster City High School, Webster City, IA. Class of 2017. Instrument: trumpet, Director: Rachel Daum.

William Kaylor Pencde Homewood High School, Homewood, AL. Class of 2017. Instrument: Trumpet, Director: Ron Pence. William Kaylor Pence has been principal trumpet and section leader in the Homewood Patriot Band since 10th grade. He has maintained a high level of leadership and performance. William Pence has performed in marching band, chamber winds, jazz band and numerous honor bands.

Alex Robinson Florence High School, Florence , MS. Class of 2017. Instrument: Percussion, Director: Beau Robinson.

Keon Simmons Woodlawn High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Class of 2017. Instrument: Percussion, Director: Glenn Scheuermann.

Clayton Wallen Riverbank High School, Riverbank, CA. Class of 2017. Instrument: Percussion, Director: Joseph Aguilar.

Alanna Wilcox Hawkins High School, Hawkins, Texas. Class of 2017. Instrument: Clarinet, Director: Jeffrey Wilson.


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